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make today your favourite: the psychology of counting up.

One thing that has really struck me during this pandemic has been the constant counting. Counting the cases, calculating the number of people you can host in your home, measuring the distance between you and a friend.

It has caused me to think about the psychology of counting, and the meaning of whether we are counting down (3, 2, 1) or counting up (1, 2, 3). Think about the things you count down to in your life. Counting down to finishing school, going on holiday, or the release of a new episode. Notice how focused you become on the destination, on just getting there.

Now think about the things you count up in life. The number of steps your baby is learning to take, the distance you've pushed yourself to run, or the moments when you take in a deep breath, one, two, three. Notice how present you become, how absorbed in your experience.

Carve out some time today. Absorb yourself in a conversation, in a ritual or activity. Make today your favorite day.

And, notice what changes.

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